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August 5, 2007

Cape Wind on The Daily Show

Daily Show Covers Cape Wind!

The Daily Show has aimed its brilliant satirical gaze on the Cape Wind project--a fascinating political stew brewing in the shallow water of Horseshoe Shoal in Nantucket Sound. The first in a two part segment is tentatively set to begin on Monday or Tuesday August 6/7th.

This from Cape Cod Today:

"The Daily Show selected Jason Jones, the correspondent most likely to take his shirt off, to send to the Cape. Brace yourselves for shots of a shirtless Jones sunning himself on a yacht or splashing around on a beach.

Individuals for and against Cape Wind were interviewed. The people for Cape Wind felt more comfortable with the Daily Show camera crew, although they may have been duped. Audra Parker, who is with the anti-Cape Wind Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound, said of her Daily Show interview: "I wouldn't say it was pleasant.""

Well, I bet it wasn't pleasant Audra. However, I am guessing that some, perhaps many, will find it quite pleasant watching you sweat, evade and squirm as the Daily Show exposes your alliance as the aesthetically narrow-minded, NIMBYist, self-serving, special interest group that it is. Pleasant indeed!



rick said...

I can't wait to see the Daily Show segments. The new radio commercial from the opponents of cape Wind starts off as it is taking an above-the-fray tone, and then quickly turns into a misleading, doomsday scenario worthy of Karl Rove. The ad says Cape Wind is going to put in place "an industrial plant the size of Manhattan." It sounds like the entire sound is going to be covered with 3 Mile Island, not exactly what is planned. These folks deserve to be skewered.

Timothy B. Hurst said...

Rick, that radio segment really got me thinking, should there really be an industrial plant of this magnitude in Nantucket Sound? What if there is a meltdown? Or even worse, what if one of the turbines is taken out by 747-wielding terrorists? [note sarcasm]

Alliance, please spare us the melodrama. Similarly, I heard an interview with RFK Jr. who called Jim Gordon of Cape Wind a wealthy "industrialist." There has been some really evocative language being bandied about on this one.