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June 21, 2008

Vertical-Axis Wind Turbines: The Future of Micro Wind?

Walking the floor of WINDPOWER 2008, the annual conference and trade show for the wind energy industry, one couldn’t help but be transfixed by all of the different types of turbines - at least I couldn’t. The wind turbine has become the iconic symbol of clean, renewable energy. But the classic three-bladed turbine horizontal axis wind turbine, with it's gracefully swooping blades is hardly the only design out there. In fact, the vertical-axis wind turbine is making quite a splash in the world of small and micro wind. Requiring less space and no towers, the vertical axis turbine will undoubtedly become a regular part of clean energy landscapes in the future.

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sindhu said...

VAWTs (vertical axis wind turbines) are both efficient and quiet, making them more suitable for energy production in residential areas than previous wind-based renewable energy technologies. Many current VAWT models resemble eggbeaters, with two blades attached to a central shaft, which is in turn anchored in a power generator. Others have a number of large, flat blades protruding from the central axis; and still others have a helix of extremely light plastic surrounding the axis. They typically stand between two and five feet in height and the best ones are able to attain 30 – 60% efficiency, depending on where they are located.

vertical axis wind turbine