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March 31, 2008

Five of the Best Micro Wind Turbines

aeroenvironment, architectural wind, small wind, micro wind turbine, urban wind, wind energyI recently published a list of five of the top 'micro' wind turbines at Despite it's billing as a 'top-five,' this short piece was intended to showcase five very different products, sizes, and applications.It wasn't scientifically rigorous, but it was hardly random. Please use this information with caution: you must not cloud your judgment with images of backward-spinning electric meters and negative utility bills, as the economics will be different for everyone. Interconnection laws vary by country, state, province, municipality, etc. So, before spending ANY money on one of these gizmos, be certain that you have an adequate wind resource, and if you are planning on connecting to the grid, that you understand the interconnection standards that apply.


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