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February 5, 2008

The Bluing of a Red State?

Here are some recent poll numbers from a Denver Post Online Straw Poll as of 4:37 PM MST

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[Please keep these three points in mind about the Colorado caucuses:
1. The only Coloradoans who have voted yet are overseas.
2. Colorado has a closed-caucus, meaning that only registered party members (of at least two months prior to Feb 5th) may vote in the caucus.
3. Colorado's Democratic delegates will be proportionally allocated. All of Colorado's Republican delegates will go to a single candidate (winner-take-all).]

Who is your pick for president?

Barack Obama
1110 Votes, or 31.02 %

Hillary Clinton
935 Votes, or 26.13 %

Mitt Romney
779 Votes, or 21.77 %

John McCain
365 Votes, or 10.20 %

None of the above
274 Votes, or 7.657 %

Not caucusing
115 Votes, or 3.214 %

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