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February 5, 2008

Giga Tuesday: Live-Blogging the Live-Bloggers

This weekend I was contacted by David Wescott at It's Not a Lecture to participate in a project he and others are working on for Giga Tuesday. Essentially, David and others will be 'live-blogging the live-bloggers' at all day long and well into the night at Virtual Vantage Points. In addition to the team of analysts and blog-monitors he is working with at Virtual Vantage Points, Wescott also recommends that you follow along "SuperTuesday"on Twitter.

Instead of merely following the ubiquitous and mundane exit polls and incomplete returns, Wescott et al are taking punditry to a whole new level. Wescott writes:

"I'm going to look at how communities you wouldn't necessarily think of as inherently political discuss the primary and if they use their blogs or networks to get more involved. I'm particularly interested in the environmental community, which I haven't heard much about in the debates or from mainstream media. I'll be looking at them over the course of the evening and passing along any nuggets of wisdom I find. I'm also going to compare and contrast the discussions from political bloggers in different states, to see if national issues are truly the driving topics or if there are state-based issues playing a leading role."
Cool, huh? Wescott plans on focusing on the environmental community and their take on today's election returns.

The party has already begun at Virtual Vantage Points and at SuperTuesday on Twitter, so be sure to stop in for this first-of-its-kind event. And if you can vote today. Please vote and tell your friends to vote (be sure to thank a pollworker).If you are still undecided and need some last minute help, Jason Phillip has put together some very useful links at Sustainablog that will help you green your vote.

Thanks. And be sure to check back throughout the day for updates at ecopolitology, Virtual Vantage Points and at SuperTuesday on Twitter.

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Rick Ellis said...

Unfortunately, I just found you or I would have let you know earlier, but I've been Twittering results all afternoon and evening.

Twitter name /electionresults