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April 24, 2008

75% of Greens OK with Nuclear Power?

nuclear power, uranium, public opinion, pollOver in the TalkClimateChange section of the new Green Options Discussion Forum, my colleague Mark Seall recently wrapped-up a “Live Debate” on the merits of nuclear power. In addition to the excellent and informed discussion with nuclear experts and environmentalists, there was also a reader poll that concluded with some rather unexpected results. Nearly 75 percent of the respondents believe that nuclear power is good because it is a source of “abundant carbon free energy.”

Yes, this is a reader poll, and it is not a statistical representation of the public attitude of any country in particular. But it is striking that the 133 readers who did vote, were all doing so from a blog network called Green Options. Get it? Simply put, the public attitude towards nuclear power has undergone a seismic shift in recent years. This evidence indicates that this is not the same environmental movement that emerged in the early 1970’s.

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Samantha Jacoby said...

Nuclear energy should not be a part of the green family. I can guarantee you that nuclear won't be discussed as an option at the Renewable Energy Finance Forum-Wall Street, held in NYC on June 18-19. This executive-level event will feature 40+ of the biggest names in renewable energy and Wall Street presenting their successes and vision for making renewable energy America's mainstream energy source. Last year, over 40% of attendees were CEOs, CFOs, or Managing Directors.